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Phòng Khoa học & HTQT xin ngửi học bổng nghiên cứu sau Tiến sĩ tại Khoa Nông học, Đại học Aarhus, Đan Mạch

Hạn cuối: 01/6/2020

Thông tin chi tiết: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/vacant-positions/job/postdoc-within-mitigation-of-greenhouse-gas-emissions-from-agricultural-systems/

(Dear Croplands Research Group and Integrative Research Group members,

Please see below for information regarding a postdoc position at the Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Position description:
Aarhus University seeks a postdoc to work on activities related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems. This three-year position will involve activities such as developing a database to integrate experimental data on GHG mitigation measures at field and farm scales, statistical analysis of large datasets, use of modelling frameworks (e.g. process-based simulation modeling, farm level modelling), and meta-analysis. The candidate must be able to work with researchers across different research disciplines, and to supervise students in the area of agricultural GHGs.
Deadline for applications is 1 June 2020.
To read more about the position, including how to apply, please follow this link: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/vacant-positions/job/postdoc-within-mitigation-of-greenhouse-gas-emissions-from-agricultural-systems/
Please forward this information to any potential candidates you may know.)